About me

I am a London-based counsellor and coach, with an extensive background in Psychology. In my client work, I specialise in the following psychological topics: anxiety, depression, relationships, low confidence and low self-esteem, OCD and addictions.

The client journey is never the same but in most cases, it starts with helping you pinpoint your current challenges and struggles and get clarity on your belief patterns and behaviour. In addition, we will also try to envision what the term “better life” looks like. Once this is clear, we will move into understanding how these patterns came to be and where they stem from. Next, we will explore what role they are playing in your current situation and how they are impacting your life. Finally, I help you explore and decide what changes must take place for you to improve, live a better life and avoid running into the same situations in the future.

Psycho-education plays an important part in my counselling and coaching work – I do my best to help you get acquainted with psychological concepts and frameworks. This will enable you to continuously expand your self-understanding long after we have finished working together.

I’m a member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society, the British Psychological Society and the Association of Christian Counsellors.

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My approach

My approach as a counsellor and coach is insights-based – we will work together to paint the canvas of your beliefs, feelings and assumptions about life. This canvas is yours to do with it what you want. Some add splashes of colour, others take out the noise. You might want to discard it altogether and start afresh! Whatever you decide, my goal is to facilitate the right environment for that to happen.

What makes an insight?

1. You identify the behaviour pattern behind your challenge.

2. You become aware of the impact of this pattern on your life.

3. You understand how this pattern came to be.

4. You modify your behaviour based on this new understanding.

Your own canvas awaits

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