More work - Good results - Praise - More work

You don't have to be stuck in the career rut.

Career coaching can help you find your way out.


You are doing great in your role, and you love it, but your blessing is your curse – the better you are, the more work you are given. You end up burning yourself out. You realise this cannot go on but saying No to new responsibilities or even promotions is hard. We might start the career coaching process by understanding how we can break the circle of “more work, good results, praise me, more work” without jeopardizing your career and getting into burnout.

Breaking that ceiling can be scary

You want to change careers because you are lacking a feeling of fulfilment, or you might feel that you’ve hit a ceiling. But that sounds like something scary for more than one reason. As you grew up, most people had a sole career throughout their life. Novelty can make things uncomfortable. On top of that, you have good results in your current field and this adds pressure when thinking about a fresh new start. For others, giving up on what you achieved sounds foolish and that matters to you. The change might have financial implications and that plays a role as well. Career coaching focuses on why change is important for you, and what is driving your will to change. We will also work out a strategy that would provide your desired outcome.

They call it "job hopping"

You are a professional whose work is appreciated but find it hard to stay in the same working place for whatever period you would like to. Changing jobs often or focusing on short-term contracts is not an issue if you are comfortable with it. It becomes a struggle when you find it difficult to stay although you want it. You see the same pattern repeating. You might be worried that job changing will impact your CV in the long-term. If this is your situation, there might be some exploration needed to understand what your role in that dynamic is and what strategies might help you.

Relationships matter

You might struggle with relations in the workspace. Our work environment has specific characteristics that you might not find in other situations of life. Formal authority is one of these – the way you interact with your manager or those reporting into you might have an impact on your overall performance. Helping others is a value that is appreciated, but saying NO at work might sometimes be really hard. You see yourself forced to interact with people whose presence you might not enjoy. Our career coaching work could focus on where the dislike is coming from and how you can handle it.

When you don't fancy climbing that ladder

You love your job and enjoy doing it rather than leading teams. You are primed for a promotion and that looks like a dream– except it is the wrong type of dream, for you it’s a nightmare. At the same time, you feel the pressure to take it because that is the “way things are done”. In our work together we can focus on what each option means for you and what is the best way forward.


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