How to become a counsellor

Cut through the noise with the essential CounselPath framework


CounselPath is a tailored course for those interested in a career in counselling or psychotherapy but are not sure where to start. It is your key to understanding the world of counselling and psychotherapy and whether a career in this field is the right choice for you. A qualified counsellor will be guiding you through the essential things you need to know if you want to enter the profession.

The aim of this course is to deliver key insights into the main therapeutic approaches and essential concepts in a digestible format. The course offers a comprehensive overview crafted from years of first-hand experience and expertise, which saves you countless hours of research. By summarizing the vast landscape of counselling and psychotherapy in a tailored approach, CounselPath delivers the distilled wisdom and saves you precious time. 


This course is the result of my own struggles in navigating this field. After starting my studies in Psychology in 2014 I had to decide quickly for one therapeutic approach and follow that pathway. That means many years and many thousands of pounds invested without the chance to explore. When starting a qualification training most students know little about the main concepts and core beliefs of that therapeutic approach – this is supposedly what you are going to learn throughout the training – and even less about other therapeutic approaches. Therefore, in most cases there is little comparison and analysis before making a decision.

“Well, one can read about these things and decide”. But how do you know what to read and where to start from? In our day and age, the huge amount of information has become a problem rather than an advantage. I created this course with that in mind. Each module covers the essential literature for that topic so you can explore further on your own.

Most training providers will offer workshops covering the therapeutic approach they are offering training in. That is great – if you fall in love with that approach then go for it. If it puts you off completely, that is also useful – at least you know what you are not going to choose. What these workshops don’t do is compare different perspectives.

That’s why I designed this course – to offer the possibility of an exploratory journey, without a significant financial cost, into some of the most well-known therapeutic approaches so that you can make an informed decision before committing to long-term expensive qualifications.


This course is designed for anyone interested in a career in counselling and psychotherapy, over the age of 18. There are no educational requirements and everyone is welcome, regardless of their location. The course timings are in UK local time.

Currently, in the UK, the requirements for undertaking a career in counselling and psychotherapy are not bound to a specific educational level. However, if you decide to pursue a counselling and psychotherapy qualification be aware that some training providers might require specific criteria such as a BSc or MSc in a psychology related field.

This course is not accredited and it has the sole purpose of offering a consultative approach for people interested in exploring a career in counselling and psychotherapy. There is no CDP or certificate included at the end of the course.

CounselPath course content

Part 1

  • Session 1 – Intro: qualifying as a counsellor or psychotherapist in the UK
  • Session 2 – Psychodynamic approach 1/2
  • Session 3 – Psychodynamic approach 2/2
  • Session 4 – Humanistic and Existential Approaches
  • Session 5 – CBT, Transactional Analysis and the Integrative Approach
  • Session 6 – Attachment theory

Part 2

  • Session 7 – Body, Emotion and Mind
  • Session 8 – Body, Emotion and Mind
  • Session 9 – Personality & Character styles
  • Session 10 – Personality & Character styles
  • Session 11 – Anxiety & Depression

How does a session look like?

  • 1 session is 60 minutes
  • 1 session per week
  • Day of the week TBC
  • 1 session entails content delivery (around 35 minutes), Q&A (around 20 minutes), further resources (around 5 minutes)

Group size and cost

  • No more than 2 people in a group
  • Course price for group of 2: £500/participant
  • Course price for individual: £600
  • If you bring a friend, the two of you will form one group: £400/participant

Dates for next cohorts

  • January 2024
  • March 2024

Can’t make these dates? Get in touch to discuss alternatives.